This very occasional blog is written by me, Prof Louise Allcock. I’m a marine scientist at University of Galway, where I teach on the Science and Marine Science degree pathways.  I teach most of the zoology on the first year biology module (taken by just about everyone on a science pathway), while  Marine Scientists get my deep-sea course in 3rd year, and some get to come on my research cruises and do their 4th year project with me.

I am an authority on the evolution of octopuses, squid and cuttlefishes.  I wrote a book about them with Mike Vecchione and Roger Hanlon. I’ve  worked extensively in the Antarctic and in various parts of the deep sea.  I’ve spent many years exploring Ireland’s deep-sea habitats and have joined Nekton Missions exploring the deeps of the Indian Ocean.  I’ve a book on the Deep Ocean coming soon.

This website started as a hobby, and I’m terrible at posting or keeping it up to date – but maybe at some point I’ll have more time! Here’s hoping..

I tweet as @DrShmoo and I’m on Mastodon as @Shmoo@mastodon.ie