The blog is written by me, Dr Louise Allcock. I’m a marine scientist at NUI Galway, where I teach on the Science and Marine Science degree pathways.  Newcomers to NUI Galway will be lectured by me in first year where I make a huge input to the first year biology module (taken by just about everyone on a science pathway).  Marine Scientists get my deep-sea course in 3rd year, and some get to come on my research cruises and do their 4th year project with me.

I am an authority on the evolution of octopuses, squid and cuttlefishes.  I’ve  worked extensively in the Antarctic and in various parts of the deep sea.  I’m currently exploring Ireland’s deep-sea habitats. In February and March last year I was in the Antarctic on board British Antarctic Survey research vessel RRS James Clark Ross for the “State of the Antarctic Ecosystem” Expedition (SOAntEco).  I was the principal investigator on a Celtic Explorer cruise crossing the Atlantic in April, and Chief Scientist on a deep-sea cruise using Ireland’s deepwater ROV Holland I in May and June. My research group will be out on RV Celtic Explorer again at the end of May 2017. I tweet as @DrShmoo.

If you really want to know more about me, I’ve a detailed CV here!

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At the moment, various parts of this website, which was originally intended as a personal blog and nothing more, are being written by my students and postdocs.  They will probably write much more than I would ever have found the time for!

Tweets from a whole host of scientists on my recent #SOAntEco Antarctic cruise can be found below: